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Post-harvest Equipment from IITA | Post-harvest Equipment from INPHO

Transportation equipment
In-Field Cart (Trailer Type)
Modified Wheel Barrow
IRRI type 2-Wheel Tractor with trailer

Harvesting Equipment
Apron-type Harvester
Knapsack/Backpack-type Harvester

Peeling Tools
Cassava Peeling Tool (Peeler)
Cassava Peeling tool (Indian Technology)

Fermentation and Dewatering Equipment
Fermentation Rack
Double Screw Press
Jack Press
Single Srew Press

Grating and Chipping Equipment for roots and tuber Processing
Manual Operated Equipment
Nail Grater
Tin Grater
Manual Disc Grater
Manual Drum Grater
Manual Chipper Nigeria
Manual Chipper & Slicer with flywheel
Manual Slicer Uganda
Pedal Driven Slicer & Chipper

Power Driven Equipment
Chipping Machine Nigeria, PEU
Grating & Chipping Machine (Single Power Drive), PEU
MK 1 Power Grater, PEU
MK 2 Power Grater, PH
MK 3 Power Grater, PH
MK 4 Power Grater, PH

Starch Grater/Wooden Construction, PH

Shelling, Threshing and Stripping Equipment
Flail Thresher, PEU
Maize Sheller (Manually Operated), PEU
Maize Sheller (Manually Operated), PHHS
Maize Sheller (Atlas type), PHHS
IRRI-type multi-crop Treshing machine (type 1) PHHS
IRRI-type multi-crop Treshing machine (type 2) PHHS
Power Maize Sheller (PHHS)
Hand cranked Groundnut sheller
Hand cranked Ginger splitting machine
Stripping Equipment, PEU
Mechanical Tresher, PEU
Mechanical Tresher, PHHS
Huller/Decorticator, PEU

Milling and Grinding Equipment
Grain Polisher (Abrasive Type), PEU
Grain Polisher (Auger Type), PEU
Grinding Machine (Manually-Operated), PEU
Grinding Machine (Abrasive Type for Wet Grinding), PEU
Grinding Machine (Impact Type for Dry Grinding), PEU
Arcadem Milling Machine, PH
Groundnut Blender, Electric Driven, PH

Drying Equipment
Biomass-heated natural convection crop dryer
Biomass-heated flatbed grain dryer
Hybrid tunnel dryer
Portable home use solar dryer

Storage Structures
Brick Silo
Maize Crib
Cylindrical Dryer/Storage Crib

Fryers and Stoves
Gari Fryer (Single Row Double Pan), PEU
Sawdust-fired Stove, PEU
Kerosene Burner/Stove, PEU

Sifting, Cleaning and Sorting Equipment
Grain Cleaner and Sorter, PHHS
Grain Cleaner and Sorter (Manually Operated), PEU
Bagging Stand, PEU
Bran Separator PEU
Starch Sifter (Bucket Type), PEU

Oil Processing Equipment
RAM-32 Oil Press, ATU
Oil Press (Screw Type), PEU
Oil Extractor (Centrifugal Type), PEU
Palm Oil Digester , PEU

Overview of all Construction Drawings

Information and illustrations provided by:
- Post-harvest Engineering Unit IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria
ESARC- Post-Harvest Group IITA, Kampala, Uganda
PHHS - Post-Harvest Handling and Storage Project, Kampala, Uganda
ATU - Appropriate Technology Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

All equipment listed above is linked with a product page containing technical details and in some cases links to construction drawings, sketches or additional pictures. If you have new or additional informatoin please do not hestiate to contact us as we would like to add more appropriate PH Equipment and Technologies in this Directory. Please send your illustrations and technical detials of useful PH equipment, comments or relevant experiences to:





Cassava power grater Mk3

Cassava mash presses

Power chipper 3.5 Hp engine

Arcedem hammer mill

Starch processing the grater

For more about other equipments, please visit

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