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The aim of this pilot project is to develop a localised market information service that meets the marketing needs of the farming and trading community at the district level. To achieve this goal, the project will hire a marketing extension officer who will collect, analyse and then feed back timely market news to the community via radio, newspapers and through meetings.

The service aims to empower farmers with up to date, accurate information on the market conditions in their locality. This information will enable farmers to have a better understanding of market trends, market problems and underlying reasons for price premiums. This knowledge will enable farmers to negotiate for better market prices based on an informed position.

In addition to the provision of market information, the project also includes an educational element that will help farmers to use the information more effectively. Farmers can improve their bargaining powers in many ways and the educational information will provide information on the benefits of collective marketing and also how to gain better prices, by working with traders to supply larger quantities of better quality produce.

All of these elements are essential to the NAADS mandate, which aims to encourage farmers to "Produce what they can sell", rather than "trying to sell what they have produced".
FOODNET in association with NAADS is developing this new service in the 6 trail-blazing districts of Soroti, Tororo, Mukono, Kibale, Kabale and Arua.

The specific activities of the marketing officers will be to:-

>> Collect market information from 4 markets in each district.
>> Focus the data collection on commodities that are specific to the local markets
>> Broadcast the market news in two, 2minute programes.
>> Broadcast a weekly round up of the marketing news in the district.

Benefits of market information

>> Improves farmer understanding of their marketing environment
>> Empowers farmers to negotiate for better prices
>> Reduces farmers risk
>> Indicates which crops are fetching a better price and why
>> Provides information on reason for premium prices
>> Indicates new market options
>> Informs producers and traders about new market options
>> Provides real market signals

Types of market information collected:

The MIS project collects Primary and Secondary market information on:
>> Off lorry, wholesale and retail prices
>> Trade volumes in major commodity markets
>> Demand and supply conditions in markets
>> Quality of produce in markets
>> General weather conditions
>> Production and price projections
>> Market news from Uganda, the EastAfrica region and around the world

Use of market Information

Farmers can make use of market information to…
>> Negotiate for better prices
>> Decide where to sell
>> Check on prices they are getting
>> Decide whether or not to store
>> Decide whether to grow "out of season"
>> Decide whether to grow different crops
>> Decide whether to add value through processing
>> Work with other farmers to bulk up commodities
>> Decide when to sell their commodities

Radio dissemination

Three types of radio programme will be used to disseminate market information on crops and commodities.

>> Two short radio broadcasts, each of two minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

>> A 15 minute programme at the end of each week giving an overview to the national market and a learning programme discussing market opportunities

>> A learning program for marketinformation will be incorporated and run at the national level.Market information will be disseminated on the local radio stations listed below on Tuesdays and Thursdays with weekly analysis on Saturday

Radio Language Area
Rock Mambo fm Japhadola/ English Tororo
Voice of Teso Ateso Soroti
Kagadi community radio Runyoro, & Rutoro Kibaale
Voice of Kigezi Rukiga Kabale
Arua one Fm Lugbara & Kakwa Arua
Spirit Fm Luganda Mukono

NAADS Market Information Officers

Tororo: George Patrick Wandera, Tel: 077 438874
Soroti: Peter Ochepa Ekiru, Tel: 077 565425
Kibaale: Kuteesa Andrew, Tel: 077 696059
Mukono: Dan Kisuze, Tel: 075 697264
Kabale: Muhwezi James, Tel: 077 310123
Arua: Anguipi. O. Mike, Tel: 077 367039

Contact Information

P.O. Box 7878,
Plot 7 Bandali Rise
Bugolobi, Kampala
Tel: 041-223460, 077-399664
Fax: 041-220217

P.O. Box 25235, Kampala

For more information,
Please contact:
Emily Arayo
Radio Liaison Officer
Tel: 071-943796

>> Also visit NAADS Website


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